I want:

A lovely life, where we camp on a mountain over looking the beach.
Where we steal wine and drink it because we plan on being fancy
Where we sit and listen to good music, painting.
Where you kiss my nose, and hum me to sleep.
Where, in my time of darkness, you wipe the blood, and bathe me clean.
Where it’s raining so we just walk all day.
Where you take me to a book store, because you know I’ll get lost there.
Where we go to an antique shop and I try on all the silly hats.
Where you push me in a shopping cart and I felt free.
Where your hand holds mine, and my voice is all you need.
Where when you see me, no matter what, a smile can break to your face.
Where even the fights are worth the time.
Where we push, shove, hug, caress.
Where time doesn’t matter because we’re 18 forever.
Where we can run from the pain, but find fun in the journey.
Where we are infinite. 


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Joan Jett. Flashback Thursday eh.

What would it be like if no one cared how they looked, everyone was seen for who they are, not what they look like? What if grades, the past, and the mistakes we made never mattered? What if people didn’t judge, and we all understood love. No one was better, no one was worse; no one was crazy, no one was murdered. Sometimes I wish people would just stop and realize that we are who we are and nothing will change that. Accept that. You’re lovely.

I’m so tired of looking at all the interesting things in life through my computer screen. I want to consume them. I want to live it. 

My pride & joy <3

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Dear Drew,

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You swore you’d never lay a hand on me.
You always kissed me so sweetly,
The lies you told consumed my mind.
Inhaling, exhaling, forgetting, incapable of refusing,
Now my scars are consuming all of my body.
I can’t bare to look at my,
S K I N 

I was so happy before I got to tumblr today.

The internet depresses me so much. So I’m done. I’m gonna unfollow all you annoying people who “hate the world”.